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Thursday, April 21, 2022

MSIdentityTools PowerShell Module v2.0.10 released

Hi All,

Today Microsoft has released a new Version of the MSIdentityTools PowerShell Module

MSIdentityTools 2.0.10

Find-Module MSIdentityTools

If you have already installed a Version of the PowerShell Module
Uninstall-Module MSIdentityTools

Install the PowerShell Module

Install-Module MSIdentityTools
Get-Command -Module MSIdentityTools

Get-MsIdAzureIpRange | measure
Resolve-MsIdTenant -TenantValue

Andres Bohren

posted @ Thursday, April 21, 2022 10:08 PM | Filed Under [ Azure ]

Exchange HealthChecker

Hi All,

Do you know the Exchange Server HealthChecker Script from the Microsoft Exchange CSS Team?
It's recommended to run after you Install Exchange Server or after a Security or Cumulative Update.

Exchange Server HealthChecker

I've downloaded the Script already. If you run the Script it will check for a new Version.
As you can see the Script was updated, but you have to restart the Exchange Management Shell.


Andres Bohren

posted @ Thursday, April 21, 2022 9:53 PM |

Exchange 2016/2019 2022 H1 Cumulative Updates released

Hi All,

Apart from the Exchange 2016/2019 Cumulative Update there have been some major Changes annouced today on the Exchange Team Blog

  • Servicing Model changes from Quarterly Updates to Semi-anual (target March and September)
  • Exchange 2019 CU12 Microsoft introduces a Free Exchange License for the Exchange Server
  • Exchange 2019 CU12 supports now a MFA enabled Acccount for Hybrid Management PowerShell (Get-HybridAgent, UpdateHybridApplication, Get-HybridApplication, Remove-HybridApplication)
  • Exchange 2019 CU12 supports now Windows Server 2022 OS
  • The latest Exchange CU Supports now Windows Server 2022 Active Directory
  • Exchange 2019 CU12 comes a new Management Tools Role that eliminates the need of having an Exchange 2019 Server in a Hybrid Environement (Manage recipients in Exchange Hybrid environments using Management tools)

Released: 2022 H1 Cumulative Updates for Exchange Server

Cumulative Update 23 for Exchange Server 2016 (KB5011155)

Cumulative Update 23 for Exchange Server 2016 (KB5011155)

Andres Bohren

posted @ Thursday, April 21, 2022 12:09 AM | Filed Under [ Exchange ]

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