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WhiteboardAdmin 1.8.0 PowerShell Module released

Hi All,

Yesterday the PowerShell Module WhiteboardAdmin has been released in Version 1.8.0.

To install use the commandlets below. Remember the PowerShell has to be startet "As Administrator" to uninstall/install PowerShell Modules.

Get-InstalledModule WhiteboardAdmin
Find-Module WhiteboardAdmin
Uninstall-Module WhiteboardAdmin
Install-Module WhiteboardAdmin

To get the Whiteboards of a user you must use TenantAdmin Credentials

Get-Whiteboard -UserId <ObjectIDofUser>
Get-Whiteboard -UserId 6db8cdd5-8e93-462d-9907-994406c07f60

That's what the Result looks like

Andres Bohren

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