PFX Certificate Password Recovery Tool (Brute Force)

Hi All,

A customer recently could not remember the Password of the PFX File.
I was curious and searched for a PFX Password Recovery Tool.

I created a PFX with a Password
  • 9 chars
  • uppercase chars
  • lowercase cars
  • numbersspecial caracter

Certificate Password Recovery Tool

I startet the Tool on Friday 14 January 23:41:41

After about 9 Days there where tested 569'890'000 diffrent combinations. And we're still at 5 Characters.

If you have a weak password or know parts of the Password - this might work for you in an acceptable time.
If it is a secure Password and you don't know anything, it will take simply too much time.
It's not that hard to create a new CSR and issue a new Certificate.

Andres Bohren