Exchange Redirect in Messagetrace

Hi All,

Recently i had a call from a Collegue. He had the following Scenario:
An Email was redirected via Exchange Transport Rule (ETR)
Something similar to this one

When you now look at the Messagetrace you will see Events like that:
Transport Rule

He was a little concerned about the Fail and Drop Events. But that's absolutely fine. Redirect means, the Mail will not reach the orginal Recipient - therefore Fail and Drop.

Get-MessageTrace -StartDate (get-date).AddDays(-4) -EndDate (get-date) -RecipientAddress | where {$_.subject "Test Redirect"}

Get-MessageTrace -StartDate (get-date).AddDays(-4) -EndDate (get-date) -RecipientAddress | where {$_.subject -eq "Test Redirect"} | Get-MessageTraceDetail | Sort-Object date | fl

If you check Messagetrace for the Redirection Address you will see the delivery Event.

Get-MessageTrace -StartDate (get-date).AddDays(-4) -EndDate (get-date) -RecipientAddress

Get-MessageTrace -StartDate (get-date).AddDays(-4) -EndDate (get-date) -RecipientAddress | Get-MessageTraceDetail | Sort-Object Date

If you look at the details you see the Send External 250 ok

Get-MessageTrace -StartDate (get-date).AddDays(-4) -EndDate (get-date) -RecipientAddress | Get-MessageTraceDetail | Sort-Object Date | fl

Andres Bohren