Many ways to send an Email with PowerAutomate/Flow

Hi All,

There are many ways to send Emails from PowerAutomate (aka Flow).
In this Blog Article i will show you three ways to send an Email.
I reccomend to use Variant 2 and use your M365 Mailbox to send Emails.

Variant 1 - Sendmail

Create a new Cloud Flow

Manual Trigger and Flowname is "Demo01"

Add a Step

Search for: "Mail"
And select "E-Mail-Benachrichtigung versenden (V3)"

Apparently this is done by Sendgrid Infrastructure so i have to accept

Then i can add the Recipient, Subject and Messagebody.
Save the Flow and go back to "My Flows"

Let's run that Flow

If you look at the Details - it didn't work

There is an Error

Flow connectors Sendmail

Microsoft does not recommend to add IP's or Senders to be added to an Allowlist.
So it's odd they recommend it here

If you want to Configure that it's in the Antispam Policies in the Connection Filter Policy

Variant 2 - "Send Email (Office365)"

Create a new Cloud Flow "Demo02" with a Manual trigger

Add a new Step

Search for "Email" and select "E-Mail senden (V2)" Office 365 Outlook.
This requires an M365 Mailbox.

Now you can add the Recipient, Subject and Mailbody

Let's run that Flow

The Email is sucessfully sent over my M365 Mailbox. Even see the Item in my "Sent Items" Folder.

Variant 3 - Sendgrid

You can send Mails via Sendgrid. How to setup Sendgrid in Azure i've alredy blogged about that

Setup SendGrid Mail Service in Azure

Hope you learned something today.