Microsoft Teams Voicemail Settings for Users and Admins

Hi All,

There are some News in Microsoft Teams regarding Voicemail.

In Teams Admin Center you can set the Call answering Rules

That's also possible with the get/set-CsUserCallingSettings

Get-CsUserCallingSettings -Identity

The User can control these Settings in the Teams Client under Settings > Calls

If the user clicks on "Voicemail" another Screen appears with some settings

There is a new Website, where the user can control these Settings.
By the way do you spot the diffrence of the Language for Greeting in Teams Client. It's diffrent than in TAG or the Voicemail Settings below.

An Admin can find these Settings in the Teams Admin Center (TAC) under Users > Voicemail

Or use PowerShell

Get-CsOnlineVoicemailUserSettings -Identity

If someone leaves you a voicemail you will be notified by email with an attached mp3

Andres Bohren