AzureADAssessement and PowerBI Reports

Hi All,

Recently i came across an interessting Project. Now i had some Time to check it out.

Microsoft Azure AD Assessment

## Install Module
Install-Module AzureADAssessment

## Authenticate using a Global Admin or Global Reader account.

## Export data to "C:\AzureADAssessment" into a single output package.

It's important to say, that you have to use PowerShell 7.
Seems to be that you need to have an Azure Active Directory P2 License to gather all the Logs.

This generates the follinwing Output

Now you can create the Reports with these Files

Complete-AADAssessmentReports -Path C:\AzureADAssessment\ -OutputDirectory C:\AzureADAssessment\icewolfch\Report

PowerBI Reports

Let's open up AzureADAssessement.pbit
You have to fis some Settings to use the Report

Now the PowerBI report works fine

I think the Report is very useful as there is a lot of knowledge behind it.
Also it's great to have some visualization to present that to Techies and Management.

Andres Bohren