MSIdentityTools PowerShell Module v2.0.22 released

Hi All,

Just a few Hours ago, the Microsoft has released the Version 2.0.22 of the MSIdentityTools PowerShell Module.

MSIdentityTools 2.0.22

According to the Pull requests only one Minor Update recarding ADFS was made

Check installed PowerShell Module Version and what is available in the PowerShell Gallery (Needs to run "As Administrator")

Get-InstalledModule MSIdentityTools
Find-Module MSIdentityTools

Uninstall the Old PowerShell Module and install the newest one

Uninstall-Module MSIdentityTools -Force
Install-Module MSIdentityTools -Force
Get-InstalledModule MSIdentityTools

Show the commands from the Module

Get-Command -Module MSIdentityTools

Let's check out the command "Resolve-MsIdTenant"

Resolve-MsIdTenant -TenantValue

Andres Bohren