MicrosoftTeams PowerShell Module 4.8.0 released as GA

Hi All,

Just a few hours ago, Microsoft has released the MicrosoftTeams PowerShell Module 4.8.0 to the PowerShell Gallery.

MicrosoftTeams 4.8.0

Microsoft Teams PowerShell Release Notes

Check installed Module and what's available in the PowerShell Gallery

Get-InstalledModule MicrosoftTeams -AllVersions
Find-Module MicrosoftTeams

As i have two Modules installed i have to uninstall both and then install the current Version of the MicrosoftTeams PowerShell Module

Uninstall-Module MicrosoftTeams
Uninstall-Module MicrosoftTeams
Install-Module MicrosoftTeams


Get-CsOnlineUser -Identity | fl *Ent*,*host*,*voice*, *line*

Also Oauth Authentication with Azure AD App and Certificate still works

$AppID = "93b64305-ea5b-41f2-be0f-a2235fb91480" #DemoTeamsPS
$TenantId = ""
$CertificateThumbprint = "07EFF3918F47995EB53B91848F69B5C0E78622FD" #O365Powershell3

Import-Module MicrosoftTeams
Connect-MicrosoftTeams -ApplicationId $AppID -TenantId $TenantId -CertificateThumbprint $CertificateThumbprint

Get-CsOnlineUser -Identity | fl *Ent*,*host*,*voice*, *line*

Andres Bohren