PnP.PowerShell 1.12.0 released

Hi All,

A few Hours ago, a new Version of the PnP.PowerShell Module has been released.

PnP.PowerShell 1.12.0

PnP.PowerShell Changelog

To check what version is installed and what's available from the PowerShell Gallery use the following Commands

Get-InstalledModule PnP.PowerShell
Find-Module PnP.PowerShell

Uninstall the old version of the PowerShell Module and install the new one

Uninstall-Module PnP.PowerShell
Install-Module PnP.PowerShell
Get-InstalledModule PnP.PowerShell

Now you can use the PowerShell Module.
Some example code below.

Connect-PnPOnline -Url "" -Interactive
Get-PnPFolder -Url "Freigegebene Dokumente/Project/Script"
Get-PnPFileVersion -Url "Freigegebene Dokumente/Project/Script/AADUsers.csv"

Andres Bohren