Azure File Sync Agent 15.2 has been released

Hi All,

Last Night was Microsoft Patchday and i saw, that a new Version of Azure File Sync Agent was available on Windows Update.
I did not install it via Windows Update for the purpose of this Blog Post.

In Azure Portal under Storage Sync Service you can see that the current Version of the Agent is 15.0

I downloaded the new Version of the File Sync Agent - but that was a fail

You can not update the File Sync Agent with that *.msi

Instead, you have to download the according cab to your OS Version

Extract the *.msp File

According to the Article below, that's how you have to update the File Sync Agent manually

Azure File Sync Agent v15.2 Release – November 2022

msiexec.exe /p StorageSyncAgent_WS2012R2_KB5013875.msp REINSTALLMODE=OMUS REINSTALL=StorageSyncAgent,StorageSyncAgentAzureFileSync,StorageSyncAgentGuardFilter,StorageSyncAgentUpdater /qb /l*v KB5013875.log

Installation starts

It needs a reboot to complete

After the Reboot you can see the updated Agent Version in Azure Storage Sync Service

Andres Bohren