January 2023 Exchange Server Security Updates

Hi All,

Just a few hours Ago the January 2023 Exchange Server Security Updates have been released.

Released: January 2023 Exchange Server Security Updates

In my case i have downloaded the Security Update 5 for Exchange 2016 CU23

Security Update For Exchange Server 2016 CU23 SU5 (KB5022143)

Then run the Security Update

When you run the HealthChecker and it has found an update close and reopen Exchange Management Shell after the update.

Exchange HealthChecker


As you can see the "SerializedDataSigning" is not enabled

Let's run the MonitorExchangeAuthCertificate - basically just checks if the Certificate is still valid or needs to be renewed.

I've blogged how to do that.

Renew Microsoft Exchange Server Auth certificate


In that case i can Enable the SigningVerification


New-SettingOverride -Name "EnableSigningVerification" -Component Data -Section EnableSerializationDataSigning -Parameters @("Enabled=true") -Reason "Enabling Signing Verification"

Get-ExchangeDiagnosticInfo -Process Microsoft.Exchange.Directory.TopologyService -Component VariantConfiguration -Argument Refresh

Let's run the HealthChecker again


Andres Bohren