Reassign Sway from a permanently deleted User

Hi All,

There is an update of the PowerShell to reassign from deleted Users.


  • You need to be Global Administrator
  • You need the ID of the Sway to Transfer
  • max 30 Days after the user has permanently deleted from Azure Active Directory

Reassign Sways from a deleted user account - Admin Help

After you have downloadet the Zip you need to extract it. It contains four folders with DLL’s

Each DLL must be unblocked first

Now you can import those Folders

Import-Module C:\temp\SwayRecovery\SwayRecovery\Microsoft.Identity.Client
Import-Module C:\temp\SwayRecovery\SwayRecovery\Newtonsoft.Json
Import-Module C:\temp\SwayRecovery\SwayRecovery\
Import-Module C:\temp\SwayRecovery\SwayRecovery\

List the Commands

Get-Command -Module

Login to Sway


I’ve created a Sway and then deleted that User. See the ID of the Sway

Now i am transfering the Sway to a new owner

Start-ChangeSwayOwner -OriginalSwayLookupId i0q2L2nuAip57pF5 -DestinationOwner ""

The Sway is now visible in my Sways

In my Opinion it’s a little bit a fuzzy Process. First of all: Why is that not a regular PowerShell Module and needs extraction and unblocking the DLL’s?

Why does it need Global Admin Role? Would not something less also be appropriate?

Andres Bohren