Directory Synchronization Features via Graph API

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Today i had an interesting case with AzureAD Connect Synchronization from Active Directory to Azure Active Directory.
The Customer is in the middle of a reorganization and was changing the Domain.

I've added the new UPN to the UPN Suffixes in Azure AD (domain.msc > Properties)
We addet the new Domain to the M365 Tenant

Then i've changed the UPN Suffix of a Testuser. But the UPN did not change in AzureAD after the AAD Connect Sync Cycle.
I've never experienced that. And in my Tenant it works finde.

After a while Googling i found out, that this Feature can be configured with the MSOnline PowerShell Module.

Synchronize userPrincipalName updates

Set-MsolDirSyncFeature -Feature SynchronizeUpnForManagedUsers -Enable $true

As you all probably know, MSOL and AzureAD PowerShell Modules will be retired end of June 2023

Microsoft Entra change announcements – September 2022 train

So i've googled around to find if there is a Microsoft Graph alternative. I found one, but it is currently only on the BETA Endpoint.

onPremisesDirectorySynchronizationFeature resource type



You can use also Microsoft.Graph PowerShell

Connect-MgGraph -Scopes OnPremDirectorySynchronization.Read.All, OnPremDirectorySynchronization.ReadWrite.All
Select-MgProfile -Name "beta"
Get-MgDirectoryOnPremisSynchronization | fl

Accidential Deletion Threshold

$Sync = Get-MgDirectoryOnPremisSynchronization
$Sync.Configuration | fl
$Sync.Configuration.AccidentalDeletionPrevention | fl

Sync Features

$Sync.Features | fl

Finally don't forget to disconnect Microsoft Graph


Additional Info:
Manage directory synchronization settings via the Graph API

Andres Bohren