HonorDmarcPolicy in ExchangeOnline vanished from GUI

Hi all,

Did you notice the “Honor DMARC Policy” in the Microsoft 365 Defender AntiPhishing Policy?

A few weeks ago there was a Setting in the GUI but that has been vanisched there. The Setting is still available with PowerShell.

As you can imagine, i was very surprised that this Setting is no longer in the GUI

A few Weeks ago, there was this Setting in the Policy

Now it’s only available in PowerShell

Get-AntiPhishPolicy | ft name
Get-AntiPhishPolicy -Identity "Icewolf Anti Phishing" | fl *dmarc*

Microsoft has a good Flow Diagram where it explains SPF, DKIM and DMARC and how they are checked in Exchange Online.

To verify i use the Message Header Analyzer and check the “Authentication-Results” Header

There is a good explanan how to interpret these Headers here

Andres Bohren