Microsoft.Graph PowerShell Module 1.25.0 released

Hi All,

Just a few Hours ago, Microsoft has released a new Version of Microsoft.Graph PowerShell Modules to the PowerShell Gallery. It is the third update of these Modules this Month!

Microsoft.Graph 1.25.0

Release Notes

Let's check the installed Version and what's available on the PowerShell Gallery

Get-InstalledModule Microsoft.Graph
Find-Module Microsoft.Graph

To install the newest Version of the PowerShell Modules and also uninstalling the old Versions, you can use my GitHub Script. It takes a while until all Modules are installed. Wait until "Cleanup finished" is shown.

#Run Script directly from GitHub
$ScriptFromGitHub = Invoke-WebRequest ""
Invoke-Expression $($ScriptFromGitHub.Content)

To list the Modules you can use the following Command

Get-Module Microsoft.Graph* -ListAvailable

Let's see if we can find the new Commands

Get-Command *alertv2* -Module Microsoft.Graph*

According to the Documentation you need the SecurityAlert.Read.All, SecurityAlert.ReadWrite.All Permissions

List alerts_v2

Connect-MgGraph -scopes 'SecurityAlert.Read.All'

Let's look at one Alert in detail

Get-MgSecurityAlertV2 -AlertId fa612c5e9d-2b83-8068-ec00-08daac7abdff
Get-MgSecurityAlertV2 -AlertId fa612c5e9d-2b83-8068-ec00-08daac7abdff | fl

Andres Bohren