Microsoft Loop and Loop Components

Hi All,

Loop Components are available for:
Recently Microsoft announced Preview of the Loop Web App

You will encounter the following Screen as long the Admin did not set it up

Learn how to enable the Microsoft Loop app, now in Public Preview

Manage Loop experiences (Loop app and Loop components) in SharePoint

You need to check your Sharepoint Tenant for the two Settings:

Both are already enabled in my Sharepoint Tenant Settings - nothing to do here

Connect-SPOService -Url https://<tenant>
Get-SPOTenant | fl *loop*, *fluid*

Next you need to create an Azure AD Security Group (or create a Security Group OnPrem and sync to AzureAD)
I've added some Members that are allowed to use the App.

Then go to the Microsoft 365 Apps Admin Center and create a new Policy

Give it a Name

Add the Security Group you created

Enable these Settings
  • Create and view Loop files in Outlook
  • Allow users to submit feedback to Microsoft
  • Allow users to include screenshots and attachments when they submit feedback to Microsoft
  • Create and view Loop files in Loop
  • Create and view Loop files in Microsoft apps that support Loop
  • Allow users to include log files and content samples when they submit feedback to Microsoft

Review screen

Policy is created

Then you have to wait for about an hour until the Policy has been applied.

I've addet a new site, because i was wondering where the Content will be saved

I've searched for the Term "MyFirstLoopSie" and it is stored in a hidden Folder (Can't use "open File location" - you will get an Access Error).

You should note that the Loop Components are saved on OneDrive of the Person that creates the Loop Component.
That has some implications when you think about the Leaver Process and the Data in Onedrive.

By the way: Microsoft has announced that they will change the Extension from *.fluid to *.loop

Andres Bohren