Microsoft.Graph PowerShell Module 1.26.0 released

Hi All,

Yesterday Microsoft has released a  new Version of Microsoft.Graph PowerShell Modules to the PowerShell Gallery.

Microsoft.Graph 1.26.0

Microsoft Graph PowerShell Release Notes

Let's check the installed Version and what's available on the PowerShell Gallery

Get-InstalledModule Microsoft.Graph
Find-Module Microsoft.Graph

To install the newest Version of the PowerShell Modules and also uninstalling the old Versions, you can use my GitHub Script. It takes a while until all Modules are installed. Wait until "Cleanup finished" is shown.

#Run Script directly from GitHub
$ScriptFromGitHub = Invoke-WebRequest ""
Invoke-Expression $($ScriptFromGitHub.Content)

To list the Modules you can use the following Command

Get-Module Microsoft.Graph* -ListAvailable

Let's test it out

Connect-MgGraph -Scopes 'User.Read.All'
Get-MgUser -UserId

Don't forget to update the Microosft.Graph PowerShell Modules on Azure Automation

Update Microsoft.Graph Modules on Azure Automation with Managed Identity

Andres Bohren