EasyDmarc - DMARC Reporting Tool

EasyDmarc - DMARC Reporting Tool

Hi All,

I’ve written about DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) Topics several times in this Blog:

Now i tried another DMARC Reporting Tool EasyDMARC

I’ve selected the Free Plan

Setup is pretty simple. You need to register

Confirm your Emailaddress

Add the Domain

It will propose the DMARC Record. Like the way it keeps the current Record and add the RUA and RUF. Not shure if this added the fo=1

  • fo=0: Generates a DMARC error report if all underlying authentication mechanisms (SPF and DKIM) do not return an aligned “pass” result. (default)
  • fo=1: Generates a DMARC error report if any of the underlying authentication mechanisms (SPF or DKIM) returns anything other than an aligned “pass” result.
  • fo=d: Generates a DKIM error report if the message contained a signature that could not be evaluated, regardless of its alignment.
  • fo=s: Generates an SPF error report if the message failed SPF evaluation, regardless of its alignment.

I ended up, removing the fo parameter so i get reports also when everything has the “pass” result.

That is now my DMARC Record:

_dmarc.icewolf.ch IN TXT "v=DMARC1;p=reject;sp=reject;rua=mailto:skmtvc6p@ag.eu.dmarcadvisor.com,mailto:postmaster@icewolf.ch,mailto:44aa291caf@rua.easydmarc.eu;ruf=mailto:skmtvc6p@fr.eu.dmarcadvisor.com,mailto:44aa291caf@ruf.easydmarc.eu"

After the DMARC Recort is added you can “Start DMARC Journey”

Now we need to wait for DMARC Reoports delivered to the RUF / RUA Addresses

That’s how it looks after a couple of days

You can see the details in the DMARC Aggregate Reports

The Map view shows you where the Reports are coming from

Like the Alert setting

Summary: The Service is simple, has good insights and does what you would expect from a DMARC Reporting Tool.

Andres Bohren

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