MicrosoftTeams PowerShell Module 5.4.0 released as GA

MicrosoftTeams PowerShell Module 5.4.0 released as GA

Hi All,

Just a few Hours ago, Microsoft has released the MicrosoftTeams PowerShell Module 5.4.0 to the PowerShell Gallery.

PowerShell Gallery MicrosoftTeams 5.4.0

Read more details in the Release Notes

Check installed Module and what’s available in the PowerShell Gallery

Get-InstalledModule MicrosoftTeams
Find-Module MicrosoftTeams

Uninstall the old Module and install the newest Module

Uninstall-Module MicrosoftTeams
Install-Module MicrosoftTeams
Get-InstalledModule MicrosoftTeams

Some basic testing

Get-CsOnlineUser -Identity

New Attribute “Assignment Category” at Get-CsPhoneNumberAssignment

Get-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -TelephoneNumber +41215553970

If you have configured Microsoft Teams Emergency Calling you can set the Emergency Location to the User

$loc=Get-CsOnlineLisLocation -City Bern
Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -Identity -PhoneNumber +41215553970 -PhoneNumberType DirectRouting -LocationId $loc.LocationId

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