Azure Active Directory Connect

Azure Active Directory Connect

Hi All,

Recently i checked again, if there is a new version of Azure AD Connect: Version release history because my Directory Sync Status in M365 Admin Center showed a warning, that i was using an outdated Version of Azure AD Connect.

Release Notes

You can download the newest AAD connect here: Microsoft Azure Active Directory Connect

I’ve checked the Settings on my AAD Connect. Seems i am already using the newest version

(Get-Item "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Azure AD Sync\Bin\miiserver.exe").VersionInfo
Get-ADSyncAutoUpgrade -Detail 

Anyway i downloaded AAD Connect and tried to install it.

That installation failed

So i went ahead and checked Microsoft Entra Admin Center > Azure AD Connect > Connect Sync > Health and Analytics

Sych services > Select Service

Select the Sync Server

Again select the Sync server

Click on Properties

Choose “System”

As you can see it also reports the newest Version

I don’t know, why the M365 Admin Center think’s that it is an old Version that has to be updated. Any hint’s here?

Andres Bohren

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