PowerToys v0.72.0 released

PowerToys v0.72.0 released

Hi All,

I noticed that Microsoft has released a new Version of PowerToys.

In the Main Window click on “Install now”

Update is sucessfully installed

Download an Release notes can be found here

The Mouse Highlighter will draw a yellow dot every time you klick

Use “Windows + Shift + H” to activate / deactivate

In PowerToys Run there is a new Plugin that can generate Hashes or guid

This is how you use it: use “alt + space” to activate PowerToys Run

# guid3 ns:URL www.microsoft.com to generate the GUIDv3 for the URL namespace using the URL namespace.
# sha1 abc to calculate the SHA1 hash for the string 'abc'.
# base64 abc to encode the string 'abc' to base64.

Andres Bohren

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