PowerShell 7.3.9 released

PowerShell 7.3.9 released

Hi All,

Today i’ve noticed, that there is a new PowerShell 7 Version available.

You can Download it from here: v7.3.9 Release of PowerShell

Release notes:

  • Bump .NET 7 to version 7.0.403
  • Use correct agent pool for downloading from Azure blob
  • Remove a timeout value from ADO pipeline stage to resolve a syntax issue
  • Update .NET 7 and manifests
  • Add SBOM for release pipeline
  • Increase timeout when publishing packages to pacakages.microsoft.com
  • Use fxdependent-win-desktop runtime for compliance runs

I’ve downloaded the *.msi File and here are the Screenshots from the Installation

As always i enabled “Enable PowerShell Remoting”

And here is the Result. I am running PowerShell 7.3.9

Andres Bohren

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