PowerShell 7.4 LTS GA

PowerShell 7.4 LTS GA

Hi All,

Yesterday the PowerShell 7.4 has been released after the .Net 8 Release as the next Long Term Support (LTS) Version for PowerShell.

If you start the PowerShell 7 you will see the Information there too

Release Notes v7.4.0 Release of PowerShell

  • Add internal .NET SDK URL parameter to release pipeline
  • Update the CGManifest file for v7.4.0 release
  • Fix repository root for the nuget.config
  • Add internal nuget feed to compliance build
  • Copy azure blob with PowerShell global tool to private blob and move to CDN during release
  • Fix release build by making the internal SDK parameter optional
  • Make internal .NET SDK URL as a parameter for release builld
  • Update PSResourceGet version for 1.0.1 release
  • Bump .NET 8 to 8.0.0 RTM build
  • Remove Auth header content from ErrorRecord
  • Fix setting of variable to consume internal SDK source
  • Bump Microsoft.Management.Infrastructure to v3.0.0
  • Bump Microsoft.PowerShell.Native to v7.4.0

I’ve downladed the x64 *.msi File and startet the Installation

Installation was successful

Let’s check the Version



Andres Bohren

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