Microsoft Graph CLI v1.0.0 is now GA

Microsoft Graph CLI v1.0.0 is now GA

Hi All,

A few days ago Microsoft has released Microsoft Graph CLI v1.0.0 as GA


The Download is a ZIP File that contains the mgc.exe

I’ve extracted the mgc.exe to C:\GraphCLI


.\mgc.exe login

You need to open the device Login Page in the Browser and add the Code from the Promt

Select the Account you want to sign in


Login complete - you can close the Browser Window

Get your info

.\mgc.exe me get

Format the Output as table

.\mgc.exe me get --output Table

List the Groups as Table with DisplayName and ID

 .\mgc groups list --select displayName,id --output Table

Get Details of a specific Group

.\mgc groups get --group-id 0f4f5fe4-243f-4584-84f5-f2885a56640a

More Information can be found at MSLearn


It’s a little bit diffrent to use the CLI at first. Might take some days to fully understand how to use the CLI so it can be helpful. For now it’s just another alternative to Native Graph Calls or the usage of the Microsoft.Graph PowerShell Modules

Andres Bohren

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