Windows Admin Center - Connect with Azure

Windows Admin Center - Connect with Azure

Hi All,

I’ve installed Windows Admin Center on the Insider Preview of Windows Server 2025.

One interesting Option was “Azure hybrid center” > “Register your Windows Admin Center gateway”

You have to Authenticate with a Device code

If you want to Register a new Application you need to have the “Application Administrator” or “Global Administrator” Role when authenticate with the Device Code Flow.

Connect was successful

App Consent

Et voila, it has been done. Now you are able to join Azure Services with your OnPrem server.

Entra Application

Let’s have a look at the Entra Application

Redirecto is set to https//Hostname

No Certificate or ClientSecrets have been added

All delegated Permissions. Alldough i find Application.ReadWrite.All a bit too much, therefore it has not been Granted Admin Permission.

Andres Bohren

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