Azure Arc enabled Server with Azure Connected Machine Agent

Azure Arc enabled Server with Azure Connected Machine Agent

Hi All,

A few Weeks ago, i have installed Window Server 2025 Insider build.

It is shipped with a prominent Wizard to Connect the Server with Azure Arc. So i decided to give it a try.

Azure Arc pricing

Azure ARC Setup

The Insider Preview comes with a Wizard to setup Azure Arc. This indicates that the OnPrem Servers are more and more connected to the Cloud this will be the future of Hybrid Server Management.

Azure Arc Setup Wizard

Downloads the Azure ARC Connected Machine Agent (AzCM)

Configuration starts here

You need to login into Azure (Interactive or DeviceLogin are available)

I used the usual Interactive Login with MFA

Now we can select the Tenant, the Subscription and the Resource Group

Select Activation Method

Connection was sucessfull

Azure Portal

Now let’s head over to the Azure Portal

I can see the Server here

The Overview reveals some Details about the Server and OS as well as the Arc Agent

I’ve enabled the Insights

this creates a Log Analytics Workspace where you pay for the Data

But this will give you insights about CPU, RAM, IOPS etc on the Arc Enabled Object

Windows Admin Center

I’ve manually installed Windows Admin Center on that Server running on Port 443.

Add the Port Windows Admin Center is listening

Wait until the Extension is installed

Even you are Owner of the Resources you need to explicitly add Azure RBAC Permissions

Add the Role “Windows Admin Center Administrator Login”

Add the User or Group you wish to grant Access

Now we are able to connect

Windows Admin Center is loading

Now i can Manage the Azure Arc Enable from the Azure Portal

Windows Admin Center Extension

Windows Admin Center Extension can also be installed on Server that do not have Windows Admin Center installed

Use proposed Port

Installation of Extension in progress

Installation sucessfull and Windows Admin Center has been installed on the Arc Enabled Server


The Module “Az.ConnectedMachine” is not part of the AZ Module and has to be installed separatly

Get-InstalledPSResource Az.ConnectedMachine
Find-Module Az.ConnectedMachine

Installation of the Module

Install-PSResource Az.ConnectedMachine -Scope CurrentUser
Get-InstalledPSResource Az.ConnectedMachine

Connect to Azure and List the Arc Enabled Machines

Import-Module Az.ConnectedMachine
Get-AzConnectedMachine | select name

List Arc Enabled Machines and view Details

Get-AzConnectedMachine -ResourceGroupName "RG_ARC"
Get-AzConnectedMachineExtension -ResourceGroupName "RG_ARC" -MachineName Win2025

List Extensions for a Machine

Get-AzConnectedMachineExtension -ResourceGroupName "RG_ARC" -MachineName Win2025

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