March 2024 Exchange Server Security Updates

March 2024 Exchange Server Security Updates

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Yesterday, Microsoft has anouced on the Exchange Team Blog the Exchange Server 2016/2019 March Updates.

Known issues with this release:


Here is the Process for updating from Microsoft

Exchange 2016


If you download the newest Exchange Healthchecker, you need to Unblock it before the first run

That Message about “Default Website/PowerShell has authentication set, which is unsupported” seems to be new.

Emergency Mitigation Service

Let’s run Emergency Mitigation Service

."C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\scripts\Get-Mitigations.ps1"

I only see the default rule, even there is another Mitigation Active

Exchange Extended Protection Script

I decided to run the Exchange Extended Protection Script

It’s best practice to reboot after the Installation of a Exchange Security Update

Update 15.03.2024

There are a lot of Comments on the Exchange Team Blog about Search not working correctly after the Security Update on Outlook with Cache Mode. So maybe you wait for a Fix from Microsoft before deploying this to Production.

After removing Authentication from the PowerShell Directory

The Healthchecker is happy again

Exchange 2019

Here are the Exchange 2019 Installation Screenshots

Healthchecker is Happy

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