New Domain for M365

New Domain for M365

Hi All,

Almost a year ago, Microsoft has announced that they will transition M365 Cloud Services to a new domain:

Did not see much of that since then, as also new Services anounced after that where still using old Domains.

With the Unified Domain, Companys could better diffrentiate between M365 Cloud Services and common Microsoft URL’s like

The new URL can also be found in Rule 184 from Microsoft 365 URLs and IP address ranges

Some URL’s are listed here:

Listed URL’s


Other URLs

I tested some other URL’s that already work

Service URL
M365 Admin Center
Outlook Mail
Outlook Calendar
Outlook People
Outlook Bookings

It will take several Months, maybe years until all Services use the new unified Domain *

But you should prepare and make sure that these URL’s are accessible from your Networks with your Proxy and Firewalls.

Andres Bohren

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