Entra Connect Sync 2.3.8 released

Entra Connect Sync 2.3.8 released

Hi All,

Somehow i did miss, that there was an Update for Entra Connect Sync (Azure Active Directory Connect) from early April. It’s for download only, so no Automatic Update.

It’s still a bit a mess with the Product Names. The Product Name is “Microsoft Entra Connect Sync” but you download “Azure ADConnect.msi”.


I’ve downloaded the MSI and here are the Installation Screenshots

Enter the Username and Password (Global Admin or Hybrid Identity Administrator Role)

Installation is Complete

You still can find the AAD Connect Version in Entra ID. Identity > Hybrid Management > Microsoft Entra Connect > Connect Sync > Microsoft Entra Connect Health > Sync Services > Tenant > Server > Settings > Syncronization

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