MSIdentityTools PowerShell Module 2.0.58 released

MSIdentityTools PowerShell Module 2.0.58 released

Hi All,

Just a few Hours ago, Microsoft has released a new Version of MSIdentityTools PowerShell Module

I’ve dedected, that now the PowerShell Module “ImportExcel” is listed under the Dependencies

According to the Git CommitLog there has been a lot of work around Docs

The PowerShell Gallery now refers to a new Project Site

I’ve used my M365PSProfile Module to update the Module - find the Documentation here:

Install-PSResource -Name M365PSProfile

List the commands from the Module

Get-Command -Module MSIdentityTools

Let’s have a look into the Command Get-MsIDAzureUsers

Get-Help Get-MsIDAzureUsers

Let’s run the command

Connect-MgGraph -Scopes Directory.Read.All, AuditLog.Read.All -NoWelcome
Get-MsIdAzureUsers -Days 30

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