Exchange Online Response for User Reported Messages

Exchange Online Response for User Reported Messages

Hi All,

Did you notice the Automated Response of User Reported Messages in Exchange Online?

Go to User reported settings in the Microsoft Defender Admin Portal

A User Reports the Message with the “Report Message” Plugin

Let’s say he reports the Message as Junk

The Admin will see these Messages in the Defender Admin Portal Submissions > User reported

The Admin can now investigate and use the “Mar as and notify” to send the User a Feedback

This is how it looks from the User perspective

Let’s use PowerShell to check the Configuration

Connect-ExchangeOnline -ShowBanner:$false
Get-ReportSubmissionPolicy | fl *notifications*

Get-ReportSubmissionPolicy -Identity DefaultReportSubmissionPolicy -NotificationsForSubmissionAirInvestigationsEnabled $True -NotificationsForCleanSubmissionAirInvestigationsEnabled $True -NotificationsForPhishMalwareSubmissionAirInvestigationsEnabled $True -NotificationsForSpamSubmissionAirInvestigationsEnabled $True
Get-ReportSubmissionPolicy | fl *notifications*

Let’s have a look at the ReportSubmissionRule


According to the Documentation the SentTo Parameter has to be changed to the Reportin Mailbox

Set-ReportSubmissionRule -Identity DefaultReportSubmissionRule -SentTo

Let’s see what happens now.

Andres Bohren

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