Exchange Hybrid OWA Redirection in Exchange Online

Hi All,

I recently had a customer where the OWA Redirect in Exchange Online (Exchange Hybrid configuration) did not work.
The reason was, that the TargetOWAURL was not set

Get-OrganizationRelationship -Identity "O365 to On-Prem*" | fl

I have a SharedMailbox OnPrem where my User has FullAccess

In Exchange Online i go to Outlook on the Web and select "Open another Mailbox"

I search for the Mailbox and hit "Open"

At this point the Customer was presented an Error
"Something went wrong" OwaUserHasNoMailboxAndNoLicenseAssignedException

But i've set the TargetOWAURL and i get the Link to the OnPrem OWA.
It is basically the OWA URL + Emailadress: https://mail.domain.tld/owa/email@domain.tld

Depending on the configuration of your Exchange Organization you need to login with Domain\Username or UserPrincipalname/Email

As nobody has ever logged into that Mailbox before you will be presented the Languange and  TimeZone dialoge

Now i am logged into the Shared Mailbox on OnPrem OWA

Andres Bohren