One Outlook has been leaked

Hi All,

Microsoft works since a while at "One Outlook", a simplified Outlook Client based on OWA.
There has been a leak from an early Version and i've downloaded and installed it.

The Setup is very short and after a few seconds you are promted with a Login Dialog.

There is an Option for Import (but i skipped it)

That's how it looks like

If you want to block the Login with the new Client you can do that with the following Exchange Online cmdlet

Get-CASMailbox -Identity | fl *enabled*, *disabled*
Set-CASMailbox -Identity -OneWinNativeOutlookEnabled $False

After that OneOutlook can't be used.

One Outlook is based on OPX (OWA Powered Experiences) which depend on Edge WebView2 and renders diffrent Parts of OWA in a new Window.

Things to know about the new Outlook for Windows

Project Monarch “One Outlook” Build Leaks

Andres Bohren