Passkey with Google

Passkey with Google

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A year ago, Apple, Google and Microsoft Commit to Expanded Support for FIDO Standard to Accelerate Availability of Passwordless Sign-Ins.

Read more about the Passkey on the Website from FIDO Alliance

What are Passkeys?

Passkeys are a password replacement that provide faster, easier, and more secure sign-ins to websites and apps across a user’s devices. Unlike passwords, passkeys are resistant to phishing, are always strong, and are designed so that there are no shared secrets.

From a technical standpoint, passkeys are “discoverable” FIDO credentials for passwordless authentication. The cryptographic keys are used from end-user devices (computers, phones, or security keys) that are used for secure user authentication.


Support for Passkeys

Enable Passkey for Google

You can enable Passkeys in your Google Account.

Use the URL and Sign-in with your Google Account

Add a Passkey (Did not know that Android Devices automatically add Passkeys for your Google Account.)

The wizard will guide you through the Process

On windows you need to enter your Windows Hello PIN, as the Passkey will be saved in Windows Hello.

the Passkey has been created

Next time you sign-in

you can use the Passkey

To access the Passekey you need to enter your Windows Hello PIN

It’s a good idea to confirm your Recovery Information

Confirm your Phone Number

Confirm your Recovery Emailaddress

Enter the Code sent to your Recovery Emailaddress

You’re done

I’ve been logged into my Gmail

You can find the Passkey in your Google Account > Security > Passkeys

In Chrome Browser got to Settings > Autofill > Password > Manage passkeys

or use chrome://settings/passkeys Don’t know why here are two Accounts…

Note: For your Mircrosoft Accounts (Private Accounts) you can remove the Password and go Passwordless already since Septemver 2023 Introducing password removal for Microsoft Accounts

Let’s see when we can use Passkeys with Microsoft AzureAD and M365. Hopefully we will soon see some Changes here…

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