MSCommerce PowerShell Module 1.9

MSCommerce PowerShell Module 1.9

Hi All,

Recently i have noticed, that there is a new MSCommerce PowerShell Module available from the PowerShell Gallery.

PowerShell Gallery MSCommerce 1.9

Check the installed Module and what’s available in the PowerShell Gallery

Get-InstalledModule MSCommerce
Find-Module MSCommerce

Let’s uninstall the old Module and install the newest one from PowerShell Gallery

Uninstall-Module MSCommerce
Install-Module MSCommerce
Get-InstalledModule MSCommerce

List the Commands from the Module

Get-Command -Module MSCommerce

Connect with Microsoft 365 (Requires Global Administrator or Billing Administrator Role)


List SelfServicePurchase Policies. The list is not as nicely formated as a Table in earlier Versions.

Get-MSCommerceProductPolicies -PolicyId AllowSelfServicePurchase

There are two new Products, that can be disabled

  • CFQ7TTC0S3X1 Python On Excel
  • CFQ7TTC0RM8K Teams Premium
Update-MSCommerceProductPolicy -PolicyId AllowSelfServicePurchase -ProductId  CFQ7TTC0S3X1 -Enabled $False
Update-MSCommerceProductPolicy -PolicyId AllowSelfServicePurchase -ProductId  CFQ7TTC0RM8K -Enabled $False

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