ExchangeOnlineManagement 3.3.0 Preview1 available

ExchangeOnlineManagement 3.3.0 Preview1 available

Hi All,

Just a few days ago, Microsoft has released a new Preview Version of the ExchangeOnlineManagement PowerShell Module.

PowerShell Gallery ExchangeOnlineManagement 3.3.0-Preview1

Release notes for v3.3.0-Preview1:

  1. Support to skip loading cmdlet help files with Connect-ExchangeOnline.
  2. Global variable EXO_LastExecutionStatus can now be used to check the status of the last cmdlet that was executed.
  3. Bug fixes in Connect-ExchangeOnline and Connect-IPPSSession.
  4. Support of user controls enablement by policy for features that are onboarded to Viva feature access management.

Check installed Version and the Prerelease from the PowerShell Gallery

Get-InstalledModule ExchangeOnlineManagement -AllVersions
Find-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement -AllowPrerelease

Install the Preview Version in Paralell - that’s why we need the -Force Parameter

Install-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement -AllowPrerelease -Force
Get-InstalledModule ExchangeOnlineManagement -AllVersions

You now can skip loading the Help files with the -SkipLoadingCmdletHelp Parameter.

The $EXO_LastExecutionStatus Global Variable contains the Status of the last commandlet.

Connect-ExchangeOnline -SkipLoadingCmdletHelp
Get-Mailbox -Identity
Get-Mailbox -Identity
Disconnect-ExchangeOnline -Confirm:$false

I could not detect any speed changes when connecting by not loading the Help Files. Maybe it uses as less memory.

Measure-Command {Connect-ExchangeOnline -SkipLoadingCmdletHelp -Showbanner:$false}
Measure-Command {Connect-ExchangeOnline-Showbanner:$false}

Andres Bohren

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