Update on the new Outlook for Windows

Update on the new Outlook for Windows

Hi All,

It’s already a few months since i wrote an Blog Article about New Outlook for Windows - Public Preview.

I have recently watched the Youtube video “Update on the new Outlook for Windows”

They shared the Timeline of the “New Outlook / One Outlook”

You can now provide Feedback. This will give them some valuable Informations on what Functions are missing and inputs for priorization of these Features.

They also provided an Update on the Features

New Outlook for Windows capability Status
Multi-account Updated to: Available
Offline support Support for basic email triage and compose will be available soon
1st party account support (@outlook.com) Available
3rd party account support (Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud and other IMAP accounts) Available
POP support Investigating
Support for Exchange on-prem Investigating
Support for accounts in US Government clouds Planned
Outlook data (.pst) files Planned
Delegation and shared mailboxes Available
Quick Steps Available
Search Folders Supported: Follow-up (Flagged) / To me / Unread mail / Unread or for follow up / more planned
Folder reordering In development
Continuous Access Evaluation Available
COM add-ins No support
Web add-ins Supported
S/MIME Investigating

One thing i really like is that now the Automapped Mailboxes are shown

Controlling “Try the new Outlook”

Set-CASMailbox -Identity <MailboxIdentity> -OneWinNativeOutlookEnabled <$true | $false>

There are now Policies to control switch “Try the new Outlook”

Or you can simply control it via Registry



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