Winget on Windows Server 2025 Preview

Winget on Windows Server 2025 Preview

Hi All,

If you read my Blog on a regular Base, you know i am playing around with Windows Server 2025 Preview (aka Windows Server vNext).

Recently i’ve upgraded to the Build Number 26085.1

The OS Version can also be extracted with PowerShell

Get-ComputerInfo | Select-Object OSName, OSVersion, OsHardwareAbstractionLayer

One of the cool things is that you can use Winget now also on Windows Server 2025

winget list sysinternal
winget find sysinternals

Install Sysinternals ProcessExplorer with Winget

winget install Microsoft.Sysinternal.ProcessExplorer

To use the alias created, you need to open up a new PowerShell Window or a new Tab in Windows Terminal


How cool is that - really like it 😍

Andres Bohren

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