Will Azure DNS soon support DNSSEC

Will Azure DNS soon support DNSSEC

Hi All,

While writing the Blog Article that Microsoft is moving to New cloud.microsoft Domain for M365 i’ve been stumbled across something very interesting.

In the Article from the Exchange Team Blog from Septemer 2023, they have anounced that Inbound DANE will be available between March and July 2024 using a new Domain *.mx.microsoft

I’ve decided to test DNSSEC with MXToolbox

While cloud.microsoft does not have DNSSEC Support

mx.microsoft does have DNSSEC Support

I’ve checked the DNS Servers and was puzzled - they run on Azure

When checking my Domain icewolf.ch, where the DNS Servers also run on Azure, i’ve noticed some small thing.

The DNS Servers for mx.microsoft have a ppe Prefix. Maybe that’s kind of a Pre Production Environement.

I’ve checked again the Azure DNS FAQ and it still states there that DNSSEC is still no supported

Maybe they need still to figure out some Processes and the Inferfaces for the Admins to keep the DNSKEY up to date.

Anyways i am looking forward to DNSSEC on Azure DNS Server 😁

Andres Bohren

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