MicrosoftTeams PowerShell Module 6.2.0 released

MicrosoftTeams PowerShell Module 6.2.0 released

Hi All,

Just a few Hours ago, Microsoft has released the MicrosoftTeams PowerShell Module 6.2.0 to the PowerShell Gallery.

PowerShell Gallery MicrosoftTeams 6.2.0

Read more details in the Release Notes.

I am using the new PSResourceGet here instead of the PowerShellGet commands.

Check installed Module and what’s available in the PowerShell Gallery

Get-InstalledPSResource MicrosoftTeams -Scope CurrentUser
Find-PSResource MicrosoftTeams

Uninstall the old Module and install the newest Module

Uninstall-PSResource MicrosoftTeams -Scope CurrentUser
Install-PSResource MicrosoftTeams -Scope CurrentUser
Get-InstalledPSResource MicrosoftTeams -Scope CurrentUser

Some basic testing

Get-CsOnlineUser -Identity | fl *Ent*,*host*,*voice*, *line*

New Commandlets - some do not yet work, because the Tenant is not yet ready

Get-M365TeamsApp -Id

Users with no License show an “AccountType” of “IneligibleUser”. But that’s not working all the way through 🤔

Get-CsOnlineUser -Identity | ft UserPrincipalName,AccountType
Get-CsOnlineUser | select UserPrincipalName,AccountType

One way of figuring out who has the PhoneNummer Assigned

Get-CsPhoneNumberAssignment -TelephoneNumber +41215553970

Or you can simply use my M365PSProfile Module - find the Documentation here:

Install-PSResource -Name M365PSProfile

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