Azure PowerShell Module AZ 12.1.0 released

Azure PowerShell Module AZ 12.1.0 released

Hi All,

A few Hours ago, a new major Version of the AZ (Azure) PowerShell Module has been released to PowerShell Gallery.

The Release Notes contains a lot of updates

I am using the new PSResourceGet here instead of the PowerShellGet commands.

Show installed Versions and what’s available in PowerShell Gallery

Get-InstalledPSResource AZ -Scope CurrentUser
Find-PSResource AZ

Uninstall the old Modules and install the current Modules

Uninstall-PSResource AZ -Scope CurrentUser -SkipDependencyCheck -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
Uninstall-PSResource AZ.* -Scope CurrentUser -SkipDependencyCheck -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
Install-PSResource AZ -Scope CurrentUser

The AZ Module is just a Wrapper Module for all AZ.* Modules

Get-InstalledPSResource AZ.* -Scope CurrentUser

List the Azure Static Web Apps and then disconnect from Azure

Connect-AzAccount -Tenant

Or you can simply use my M365PSProfile Module - find the Documentation here:

Install-PSResource -Name M365PSProfile
Install-M365Module -Modules AZ

Andres Bohren

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