Git client 2.35.3 released

Andres Bohren
Hi All, Git has released a new version of the Git Client to address the vulnerability described in CVE-2022-24765. Git security vulnerability announced Git Client download git --version Regards Andres Bohren

Visual Studio Code unins000.exe Access denied

Andres Bohren
Hi All, This week i was surprised with the following Error Message when Visual Studio Code, tried to update to the newest version. So i've checked the Permissions C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\Programs The User don't had "Change" Permissions on the Directory I've pushed the Permissions to the Subdirectorys and Files below. After that, the Upgrade or Installation of Visual Studio Code was flawless

Git for Windows 2.35.1

Andres Bohren
Hi All, Seems i did miss, that there was released a new Version of Git for Windows. You can download Git for Windows 2.35.1. Git Downloads Release Notes To check the version installed you can use the following PowerShell Commandlet Get-Package -Name "git" Regards Andres Bohren