Celebrate my 2'000 Blog post!

Hi all,

It's time to celebrate!
I've written a whopping 2'000 Blog Posts in this Blog https://blog.icewolf.ch
As you can see, i've started this Blog back in 2007 - it's now almost 15 Years old.

At first, 2'000 Blog Posts does not seem to be impressive. But if you take that number and divide it by 365 you will get this result: 5.479.
That means if you write a Blog Article every day, it takes you about five and a half year to get to these 2'000 Blog Articles.
And now the number is much more impressive

Another impressive Number:
For the last two Years i was able to write almost every Month 20 or more Blog Articles. That means one every workday!

Apart from the celebration i want to thank all my followers and readers for the encouraging support and feedback.
It is fun and let's hope for another 15 Years (or less) to archieve the next 2'000 Blog Articles

Andres Bohren