The year in review and Blogstatistics 2023

The year in review and Blogstatistics 2023

Hi All,

Happy new Year to everybody! Thank’s for reading my Blog and following me on X aka Twitter, Linkedin and Bluesky.

Blog Statistics 2023

It’s always good to review the past Year. In 2023 i did write 272 Blog Articles, that results in average 23 per Month. That’s one less than last year, but still very impressive.

In total i had about 150'000 Pageviews. You can see the Bump down in May when i changed the Blog to Hugo and Azure Static Web App

During 2023 i had 125'000 Unique Users - 25'000 more than last year

Top 15 Blog Articles in 2023

Practical 365

I wrote an Article for Practical 365 Journaling in Exchange and plan to write more this Year.

I’ve published updates to my PowerShell Modules and Scripts to the PowerShell Gallery for the Community


I was also pretty busy on my GitHub Repo


  • Renewed Identity and Access Administrator Associate
  • Renewed Azure Solutions Architect Expert
  • Renewed Azure Administrator Associate
  • Renewed Azure Security Engineer Associate
  • Renewed M365 Enterprise Administrator Expert
  • Renewed M365 Security Administrator Associate
  • Renewed M365 Teams Administrator Associate
  • Renewed M365 Messaging Administrator Associate

You can find all my Certifications on Credly

Hobbys and Traveling

Last year i made about 2'050 KM on the Bike. Almost dobule than last year.

Scuba Diving is another Hobby and i was lucky to fly to two diffrent Places in Manado (Indonesia) and had 24 wonderful Dives there - including several Night Dives.

Took a swim in the beautiful Aare at almost 24 degrees. And had a beautiful a Boattrip from Thun to Bern on the Aare.

Traveled not so mutch and visited Karlsruhe, Basel, Zürich, Milano.

I had some fun Days in Grindelwald for Snowboarding and with the Sledge.

Thanks for reading my Blog, supporting me on social Media and help me to grow personally. All the best for you all in 2024!

Andres Bohren

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